Raphaël Charlier is a Belgian actor who grew up in the village of Trois-Ponts, near the Spa-Francorchamps racetrack.

After four years of study at the IAD (Institute of Broadcasting Arts) – Theater/Acting section, under the leadership of Eric Staercke, he creates the company “Panach Club” together with other classmates. Their first play is named “A la recherche du sens de la vie perdu “. They tour in Belgium, France, and Switzerland.

In 2002, for his graduation assignment, he plays different characters on the national TV channel (RTBf) for a famous children’s TV-show called “Ici Bla-Bla”: this experience carries on for two years. As he roams the corridors of the RTBF (the national broadcast company), he catches the eye of the “Cybercafé”-production team. They ask him to do an audition to co-host a TV-show on new technologies and video games; he lands the job.

While on tour with the Panach Club, Raphael is invited to plug the play on the NRJ-radio station. The job should last 3 minutes; it turns into 3 hours, which… end up with him officially joining the radio show “Michaël Sans Interdit » until the end of its season.

September that year sees Rudy Léonet, the network’s manager, offer him a new challenge; joining a new team and being involved in setting up a new radio station: RTBf Pure FM, geared towards a younger market share.

One year later, he hosts “RC4”: his own daily radio show with many guests (singers, actors, comedians, …). “Les dimanches qui puent » (“Stinky Sundays”) will soon be added to his radio performances.

He joins his former “Cybercafé” partners to setup an original online TV-show. “Escape TV” is geared towards teenagers and young adults. It features short dynamic reviews and interviews in the fields of music, film, video games and extreme sports. The show achieves success to the extent that a real TV channel (MCM Belgium) decides to broadcast it for 3 seasons.

His first movie experience comes courtesy of Olivier Vanhoofstadt: he plays a supporting act in « Go Fast » produced by French world-renowned director Luc Besson in 2007.

His first main role is in the TV-movie “Complot d’amateurs (Amateur Conspiracy)” along with Jean-François Stévenin, directed by Vincent Monnet, produced by Capa Drama and France 3 (French National TV). 
One year later, he plays with Cécile de France in the movie “Sœur Sourire” (“The Singing Nun”) by Stijn Coninx. He also takes part in the sitcom “The Marvellous Flying Box” by Michael Havenith broadcast on Club RTL and France 4. He plays Bertrand, a lazy but smart employee whose boss, Marcel Serge, is played by Jean-Luc Couchard.

The year 2009 sees Raphaël returning to Pure FM for a morning show. That same year he lends his voice to the famous character « Spirou » for a cartoon series.

In 2010 he hosts the radio show “iPure Mode Aléatoire (iPure Random Mode) »: it’s an unusual format with amazing music programming as Raphaël walks the streets of Brussels to address people who are wearing headphones; he then asks them what they are listening to and how they feel about it. Those very songs are then broadcast on his radio show.

In 2012, Raphael appears in ‘Zigzag Kid » a movie by Vincent Bal where he acts in English.

In 2014, he launches “God Save the 90’s, a program devoted to the 90’s culture on Pure FM. A few months later, produced by Kaos Films and broadcast on RTBf, he hosts “Médecins légistes », a French version of the famous American show “Forensic Files”.

That same year, he’s on holiday in Los Angeles …and meets an agent. After the usual formalities, he obtains his O-1 visa (visa for artists) in 2015. In April 2015, he goes to Hollywood to learn the ropes.

Back in Belgium he starts Cafe Comedy on Pure FM, a talk show about comedians.

In February and March 2016, he returned to the United States, there he follows a training at Howard Fine’s Studio, had a few auditions, made great meetings and done a bunch of workshops.

In 2017 he shot « Champion » a bran new TV serie (10 episode, 52 minutes each). This comedy is directed by Thomas François and Monit Aït Hamou and Raphaël’s character is Patrick Lavacierri a bad and ambitious journalist. First broadcast on RTBF : May 15th 2018.

Early 2018 Raphael went to Los-Angeles for a training at the Barmon Garcia Braun Studio.

Since 2018 he belongs to the radio show “C’est Presque Sérieux” and “Salut Les Copions” hosted by Walid on the Belgian radio “La Première”.

In 2022, he was asked to direct the fiction part of Alec Mansion’s film/show, “Alors On Chante Au Cinema” produced by Jungle Films. The movie was released on April 2023.


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